Making a podcast: where to start

Many people want to start a podcast in 2022 and it’s clear to see why. The benefits you get from podcasting as a medium is far outweigh those you get from other content formats.

  • Podcasts give much more fidelity and context than a blog post.
  • Podcasts are more intimate than videos.
  • Podcasts help you connect with more people than through social media.

Newbie podcasters checklist

And it’s bloody good fun.

But by far the biggest barrier for people starting their podcasts is understanding how to get it off the ground. So here I’m going to give you everything you need to start a podcast, today.

This article is split into 3 categories, with 3 sub-categories in each to get started.

  1. Startup
    1. concept
    2. format
    3. branding
  2. Production
    1. gear
    2. recording
    3. editing
  3. Publishing (and growth)
    1. hosting
    2. publishing
    3. growth


Where do you get started with podcasting? Coming up with your idea, of course. That will lead you nicely to your format which you can then brand.


A concept or premise for a show is what makes your podcast unique. It goes hand in hand with format but we’ll touch on that in the next paragraph. Here’s a few ideas:

  • A podcast interviewing your previous bosses
  • A podcast with your friends while making cocktails / eating mushrooms
  • A podcast with 10 quick fire questions you ask every guest
  • A podcast bringing the news in your niche
  • A podcast about your hobby (it would be motorcycles for me)


Your format is the type of show you do. It could be a news show, co-hosted, narrative, solo. Also think about length and frequency here. Will it be a 15 minute weekly show, or will you have 3 hour long monthly episodes.

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